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Automotive Paint Finishing Quality Control

Quality Product Testing

The goal of the DCS laboratory is to provide quality product testing as well as product and process related support to its customers, both internal and external. Our current product testing capabilities include, but are not necessarily limited to:


Cross hatch methods to ASTM D3359, VDA 621-411 and , ISO 2409, DBL 5416: Section 4.5 St. Andrews Cross with scratch test DBL 5416: Para, DBL 7399: Section 5.1 St. Andrews Cross 5416: Section 4.5

Film Build

Leica DMLM microscope system with magnification capability of 10x, 20x and 50x and a measuring range of .5um-440um to BMW process specification 84019, DBL 7399: Section 2.4

Leica SM2000R sliding microtome


BYK MAC3 angle digital gloss meter to DIN 67 530; Visual: DIN 53 230, DBL 7399: Section 6.3

Steam Jet Test

Per BMW, VW and Mercedes specifications


BYK MAC i 5 angle spectrophotometer to DIN 6175-1, Procedure V000 #0020

Walk in Spectralight dual light source booth with horizon, daylight, Incandescent, cool white and TL84/F11 simulation modes to BMW AA-0403, VW PV 3965, Mercedes DBL 7399

Orange Peel

ACT certified grade 1-10 orange peel plaques to BMW GS 97003-1, AA-0257 and VW TL 211, Byk-Gardner micro-wave-scan


WEISS / humidity chamber to VDA 621- 421

Quality Process

Automotive Paint Color Check
Automotive Paint Color Sample
Automotive Paint Macbeth Booth

Quality Policy

Lead by Example, and
Exceed customer expectations through
Accountability and
Developments in Technology

Quality Certifications

June 2018 - Current

  • IATF 16949: 2016
  • ISO 9001: 2015

April 2007 - June 2018

  • ISO/TS16949 certification completed
  • 3 year re-certification last completed June, 2012

February - April 2004

  • QS9000 Certification Phase 1 and Phase 2 completed

March 2003

  • Conducted initial pre-audit to evaluate readiness and needs for certification
  • Began implementation of procedures

February - September 2002

  • Completed quality manual, procedures manual and work instructions per QS9000 requirements

Supplier Quality Agreement

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